How to take Cissus

How To Take Cissus

How to take Cissus
How do we eat this stuff?

Cissus Quadrangularis is used in supplements and medications that you may not even be aware of.  It’s healing abilities and antioxidant properties make this plant a great addition to many health and fitness supplements.  However, the most effective way to take cissus is in extract powder form.

Cissus extract contains high amounts of ketorsterones which is the most active part of cissus and its healing powers.  The extract powder should be taken orally 2-3 times a day.  Click here to see a full article on cissus dosages.

The powder can be purchased capsulized or in straight powder form.

Cissus Powder

Cissus Powder
Cissus is best taken in extract powder

Cissus can be found in bulk powder form.  The powder can be mixed with any drink or juice.  Many have found that the taste is extremely bitter and is very difficult to candy coat with a juice.  It also makes eating the supplement more of a chore with all the measuring.  So what’s the best way to take an herb in powder form?

Cissus Capsules

The fastest and most bitter-free way to consume cissus extract is in capsule form.  Ideally you want to find 500mg

Cissus in Capsule
Cissus Powder is easy to eat in Capsule form

capsules.  This makes your dosage very easy.  Most active, or injured, adults can start with 1000mg doses, but just to maintain health you can stay at 500mg doses.  Either way, the capsules help make consuming cissus extract simple.

When should I take cissus?

We suggest taking cissus first thing in the morning and in the evening before dinner.  The morning is the most important time to take cissus.  Throughout the night your levels of cortisol peak leaving you with the highest amount of cortisol in the morning.  You want to counter these high levels with cissus extract.

Cortisol Diagram
Cortisol Levels are highest in the A.M

Cissus also prevents your body from storing too many sugars as fat due to high levels of stress and cortisol.  By taking cissus before your first meal of the day you can counter this as well.

Some find taking cissus right before or after workouts gives them the most benefits.  It could be a mental thing with some that the timing to taking supplements is so important.  The truth is cissus can be taken anytime, night or day, and it will have beneficial effects to your well-being.

When should I NOT take cissus?

Although there are no proven adverse effects of cissus quadrangularis you could consult a physician or homeopathic doctor about cissus.  We have seen warnings about pregnant women taking any supplements without consulting with their doctor first.  There are no proven studies to show adverse effects on pregnancies, and in fact there have been studies that show cissus may actually help with bone growth development in new borns.

There have been no studies that show adverse effects in children as well.  Like any herbal supplement, the dosage for children should be lower.

Anyone taking cissus for the first time should start with low dosages (500-1000mg) and see how your body reacts.  Everyone’s body is unique and responds differently to new foods.  Give your body time to adjust and then raise dosage level depending on your needs.

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