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Cissus Quadrangularis: Connecting Bone Health & Metabolic Health and Wellness

Cissus Quadrangularis ConnectingBones and Metabolic Health

Wellness Resources described this new body of science in their cutting-edge article The New World of Bones– Thyroid, Leptin, Blood Sugar, and Bone Strength, which I highly encourage to any one interested in this subject matter. Continue reading Cissus Quadrangularis: Connecting Bone Health & Metabolic Health and Wellness

Cissus Quadrangularis – An Effective Bone Healer

The herb cissus quadrangularis is extensively used in more traditional ayurvedic medicine for its great bone healing and bone repairing qualities.

New scientific exploration is helping to report the ability of this extraordinary bone support nutrient.

The most current examination reveals that it directly helps bone marrow make the bone-building carpenter cells known as osteoblasts in addition to directly support the formation of calcium matrix (new bone).

Cissus Quadrangularis Bone Healing

The mesenchymal stem cells inside bone marrow offer the ability to eventually become the critical osteoblasts. They can additionally become macrophages. Metabolic indicating guides what will happen. Excessive inflammation encourages macrophage formation and a scarcity of osteoblasts proportionate to too many osteoclasts, consequently promoting bone loss. Nutrients that support osteoblast development are highly beneficial for bone health.

This study shows that cissus quadrangularis not only assists mesenchymal stem cells develop into osteoblasts but that it also helps encourage the generation of more mesenchymal stem cells, which can then develop into more osteoblasts. This herb contains highly bioactive regeneration abilities for bone.

The investigators concluded that “cissus quadrangularis stimulates osteoblastogenesis and may be utilized as preventive/alternative all-natural medicine for bone diseases such as osteoporosis.”.


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Cissus Quadrangularis: A One-of-a-Kind Bone-Building, Weight-Management Nutrient

Cissus Quadrangularis Bone BuildingClinical evidence supporting the use of cissus quadrangularis for bone and metabolic health continues to shine. Cissus quadrangularis is a time-honored ayurvedic herb being used for a lot more than one thousand years. Its nickname is “bone setter.” We have explained how cissus quadrangularis helps bones in two recent articles, Cissus Quadrangularis – An Effective Bone Healer and Cissus Quadrangularis: Connecting Bones & Metabolic Health and Wellness. One analysis on cissus quadrangularis and bones reveals that cissus quadrangularis works at the level of gene transcription to ignite osteoblasts and to specifically increase their generation of osteocalcin1. This is an impressive finding, as it indicates that the nutrient is a bone-building gene regulator, lifting it to a new standing of effectiveness. Furthermore, osteocalcin2 function as a hormone in other places in your body by increasing adiponectin3 production in your white adipose tissue, in turn serving to help protect against insulin resistance and cardiovascular inflammation4.

Increased Interest in Cissus Quadrangularis

Increased interest in cissus quadrangularis and metabolism centers around its historical use for hemorrhoids, ulcers, asthma, and constipation– all important issues linked with bacterial imbalance in the intestinal tract. I have detailed the adverse effect of these factors on metabolism in a more recent article, How Digestive Problems Prevent Weight Loss. Science advocates the traditional use of cissus quadrangularis to help treat the cellular lining of the digestive tract, lower inflammation, boost antioxidant defenses, and control bacterial imbalance. Cissus quadrangularis has previously been shown to have antibacterial properties5, including against the Staphylococcus family typically found in surplus in obese individuals. One of the metabolic complications caused by bacterial imbalance is overproduction of harmful LPS, which interferes with metabolism.

Cissus quadrangularis also helps reduce LPS-induced free radical damage6

Cissus quadrangularis also helps reduce LPS-induced free radical damage6, helping counteract this problem in overweight people. It does so by helping lessen both inflammatory nitric oxide (iNOS) and the core inflammatory gene signal NF-kappaB. Another recent analysis revealed cissus quadrangularis to be particularly protective of the liver7, offsetting the toxic effects of a TB drug by substantially lessening free radical damage. This is relevant to weight management, as the liver is oftentimes subject to inflammatory and free radical-producing insults coming from both the digestive tract and white adipose tissue. Thus, cissus quadrangularis serves to help counter metabolic stress linked with digestive tract imbalance by a wide array of mechanisms.

Science confirms the benefit of cissus quadrangularis

Science confirms the benefit of cissus quadrangularis as an useful bone support nutrient, and expands on its role in metabolic support. Not only does cissus quadrangularis help greatly improve metabolism through osteocalcin-boosting cissus quadrangularis overweightadiponectin production, it also lowers toxic stress from digestive tract disproportion — a complication confronted by many who struggle with their body weight.

The Therapeutic Uses of Cissus Is Just Staggering!

The many therapeutic uses of Cissus is just staggering.  The list just keeps on growing! Every time the Cissus experts think we have
heard of it all, we find more and more uses for Cissus quadrangularis.  All these positive uses and we still haven’t found one negative study.  In fact, Cissus was found to have no toxicity.  Not too surprising since it is an anti-oxidant as well.


The stout, fleshy quadrangular stem is traditionally used for the treatment of:  gastritis, bone fractures, skin infections, constipations, eye diseases, piles, anemia, asthma, irregular menstruation, burns and wounds.

Cissus Leaves and Shoots
Leaves and Shoots – Powerful Alteratives

The leaves and young shoots are powerful alteratives. (An alterative is a medicinal substance that acts gradually to nourish and improve the system.

Powder is administered in treatment of hemorrhoids and certain bowl infections.

The juice of stem is useful in scurvy and in irregular menstruation whereas the stem paste boiled in lime water is given in asthma.

It is also used as a powerful stomachic.

Cissus quadrangularis Linn. has potent fracture healing property and antimicrobial, antiulcer, antioxidative, antiosteoporotic, gastroprotective, cholinergic activity as well as beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases.

It has been investigated that methanolic extract of Cissus quadrangularis possesses antiulcer and cytoprotective property in indomethacin induced gastric mucosal injury.

The aqueous extract also shows acetylcholine like activity on isolated ileum of rabbit and uterus of rat.

The action on dog blood pressure is analogous to muscarinic and nicotinic actions of acetylcholine.

Ethyl acetate fractions of both fresh and dry stem extracts show antioxidant activity.

The ethyl acetate extract and methanol extract of both fresh and dry stem further exhibit antimicrobial activity against gram-positive bacteria including Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus species.

Due to its widespread and versatile therapeutic uses as well as pharmacological actions, the present study highlighted the health promoting and therapeutic properties of Cissus quadrangularis.

These therapeutic uses were documented in an official clinical study of Cissus called:
Pharmacological and Therapeutic Activity of Cissus quadrangularis: An Overview
By Garima Mishra1*, Saurabh Srivastava2, B.P.Nagori3

From The International Journal of PharmTech Research
Cissus is Therapeutic


Cissus and Muscle, Tendon, Ligament Repair

The bulk of the studies on Cissus have been on the repair of bone & these have shown that bone is healed at a highly accelerated rate.  The science gets a little tricky & much of the reasoning behind what it does is a little speculative, but it gets results, even if the science behind this wonder plant isn’t fully understood.

Cissus and Collagen Production

One of the primary effects of Cissus is thought to be an increase in collagen turnover, so with increased synthesis & replacement you could expect a quicker recovery from overuse injuries, cartilage & tendon repair.

Cissus Collagen
Cissus Promotes Collagen Production

Collagen, a fibrous protein that makes up about 25% of your body, connects the many cells and tissues of your body together, including bone, muscle, tendons, and ligaments. Without collagen your body would literally fall to pieces.

Ligaments link bones to other bones and provide support to joints. They allow a normal range of movement to occur within a joint, but prevent unwanted movement that would render the joint unstable. In order to fulfill this function, ligaments must possess immense mechanical tensile strength.

When a ligament, tendon, or muscle is injured the collagen fibers are damaged and your body works to inflame the area and send collagen to repair the fibers.

Since training tears your body down and can cause injury, collagen is needed for tissue repair. An increased amount of available collagen will quicken the process of recovery, whether you’re recovering from a workout or recovering from an injury. That means less time sidelined with sore or injured muscles!

How does Cissus increase the amount of Collagen?

Cissus quadrangularis, an ancient herb found in India, is said to cause an increase in collagen production and aid the healing of joint ailments (Jainu and Mohan, 2008).

Achilles Tendon Cissus Repair
Cissus Repairs Injured Tendons

Studies show that Cissus may increase the amount of collagen in animal cells.  Although clinical studies were not done on humans, there have been many testimonials by athletes and bodybuilders claiming Cissus did, in fact, speed up their injury recovery.

“My Achilles Tendon was healing in record time. My doctor told me I wouldn’t be walking on it for another 2 months. Well, in just 3 weeks I was putting pressure on it.” Pete, injured athlete

Cissus and DHEA

Cissus inhibits cortisol from breaking down muscle and bone when our bodies are under stress.  By lowering the levels of cortisol, this allows the body to produce more DHEA and make the DHEA more effective in providing it’s strengthening powers to muscles and bones.

Yes, Cissus is truly an amazing plant with many positive healing powers for our bodies.  With virtually no side effects, this completely natural cissus plant extract is a great alternative to many synthetic supplements.


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Cissus Cortisol Inhibitor

Cissus Quadrangularis extract has been shown to be a natural cortisol inhibitor. Athletes and bodybuilder are constantly looking for ways to combat their main nemesis cortisol. First let us take a look at these two things. What is cissus? What is cortisol?



What is Cissus?

Cissus is a plant from the grape family that is grown in India and Southeast Asia. It has been used throughout history for many, many different treatments. Cissus is a completely natural plant with no known side effects. In western society cissus is only recently becoming more popular, especially for weightlifters and athletes. Cissus is mainly marketed for is bone, ligament, and tendon healing powers, but it is also used by bodybuilders due to it’s cortisol blocking powers.

For more information on What is Cissus click here.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is an important hormone in the body, secreted by the adrenal glands and involved in the following functions and more:

Proper glucose metabolism
Regulation of blood pressure
Insulin release for blood sugar maintenance
Immune function
Inflammatory response

Cortisol has been known as the “stress hormone” because it is secreted as highest levels during times of high stress.  The cortisol balances the stress levels by giving us a quick burst of energy and lowering our sensitivity to pain.  Basically, we naturally produce cortisol for “flight or fight” situations.  Our body is constantly producing cortisol throughout the day.  Our levels are higher in the morning and taper off at night.

Cissus Cortisol Inhibitor

While cortisol may seem helpful for our survival it is not what we want as athletes and bodybuilders.  Cortisol has an effect on our muscles and bones as well.   It has a catabolic effect which actually breaks down muscle and bone in order to “protect” our bodies.  Our body must rejuvenate from these levels of cortisol at our muscle and bones expense.

For those trying to maintain weight, cortisol is not your friend as well.  Cortisol secretions as regulate glucose metabolism in the liver.  This increase in glucose levels means more sugars to be stored throughout our bodies.  This leads to, yup, you guessed it, fat.

How does stress and cortisol lead to weight gain (fat)?

According to the leading experts in the field of weight loss, stress is the #1 culprit of weight gain.  You can eat all the healthy food and exercise all you want, but if you are living a stressful lifestyle it will be very difficult to maintain a healthy weight.  Fat protects our cells from stress.  It is the barrier our bodies put up to defend our cells against oxidants and toxins.

Like stated above, when our bodies are put under stress, either physical or emotional, we produce  cortisol in order to counter act the stress.  The cortisol tells our body to shut down temporarily while it manages to attempt to protect itself.  All the enzymes and chemicals in our bodies respond to one another.  Cortisol tells our muscles to stop working and sends in reserves to protect them from more stress or harm.  What are these reserves? Yup, you guessed it, Fat!

Obviously the more fatty foods you consume, the more reserves your body will have.  But regardless of your diet, your body will find fat to use.  This can actually have an effect on some peoples body type to actually make them too thin and make their muscles and bones softer and frail looking.  A poor diet is a stressful component on the body and will lead to obesity.

Think of all the stressful situations you have throughout your day…a stressful drive to work, loud noises at the workplace, eating on the go, and probably many more we don’t even think about, but just do.

So where does Cissus come in to play?

Cissus Quadrangularis is a natural cortisol inhibitor.  Studies have shown when cissus extract is taken at the correct dosage the levels of cortisol secreted not only decrease, but also do not show the negative effects on muscle and bone.  This allows our muscles to get the maximum benefits of a “stressful” exercise such as weightlifting.  We know we push our muscles and bones to the max when we work out, so we may as well reap the benefits of it.  By taking cissus extract you can be gaining muscle while reducing fat build-up at the same time!

Increase anabolic hormones (testosterone and growth hormone) + reduce excessive levels of catabolic hormones (cortisol) =

Studies show that Cissus is capable of interacting with the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) by binding to it and acting as a GR antagonist, ensuring cortisol doesn’t bind to the receptor and therefore reducing cortisol’s negative effects and helping your muscle mass development.

Cissus Quadrangularis extract during pregnancy stimulates fetal bone growth

There is increasing evidence that Cissus Quadrangularis may decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis later in life.  Cissus Quadrangularis extract  taken during pregnancy has shown to stimulate bone growth in the fetus.

This study demonstrates that hormones affect development during sensitive periods of early life and permanently program the structure and physiology of the bone tissues.  A Phytochemical analysis of Cissus quadrangularis revealed a high content of ascorbic acid, carotene, phytosterol substances, and calcium.  Phytoestrogens, which are widely present in different plants in our environment, seem to have actions similar to estrogen on bone cells in vitro (in experiment environment).


What does this prove about Cissus Quadrangularis?

This study strongly suggests that Cissus Quadrangularis has an effect on estrogen levels and may be healthy for pregnant adults to take.

This study and many similar to it have provided stronger evidence that cissus quadrangularis extract is a promising agent for treating intrauterine growth defects in the skeletal system.  Also that cissus has positive effects on bone growth and repair and many other overall health areas.

Click here to read the full article on this study of Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis is an ancient medicinal plant native to the hotter parts of Ceylon and India. Cissus Quadrangularis was prescribed in the ancient Ayurvedic texts as a general tonic and analgesic, with specific bone fracture healing properties. Modern research has shed light on Cissus’ ability to speed bone healing by showing it acts as a glucocorticoid antagonist.

In clinical trials Cissus Quadrangularis has led to a fracture healing time on the order of 55 to 33 percent of that of controls. That cissus exerts antiglucocorticoid properties is suggested by a number of studies where bones were weakened by treatment with cortisol, and upon administration of Cissus Quadrangularis extract the cortisol induced weakening was halted, and the healing process begun.

The Cissus Experts highly recommend taking Cissus Extract for a multitude of reasons.  Cissus extract can help improve overall health in people of all ages, weight, and athletic abilities.

Cissus Quadrangularis Prevents Osteoporosis

There have been many studies done to reveal that Cissus Quadrangularis prevents Osteoporosis and promotes stronger, healthier bones.  Cissus has been used for many centuries to heal bone fractures and reduce inflammation to injured muscles and bones.  In osteoporosis, the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced, bone microarchitecture deteriorates, and the amount and variety of proteins in bone are altered.  There have been many theories to what causes osteoporosis and what can prevent it.  Many drugs that are offered can be dangerous due to the side effects.  Calcium supplements were said to prevent osteoporosis, but actually don’t because many times the body is unable to absorb the calcium, and this is the reason for the bone deterioration in the first place.

Cissus Quadrangularis Prevents Osteoporosis
Cissus Quadrangularis Prevents Osteoporosis

Study showing Cissus Quadrangularis Prevents Osteoporosis

A study done to evaluate the effects of the petroleum ether extract of Cissus quadrangularis on the proliferation rate of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells shows that Cissus quadrangularis stimulates osteoblastogenesis and can be used as preventive/alternative natural medicine for bone diseases such as osteoporosis.
10f01Mesenchymal stem cells(MSC’s) were cultured in media with or without Cissus quadrangularis for 4 weeks and were then stained for alkaline phosphatase.

The results showed treatment with 100, 200 or 300 µg/mL petroleum ether extract of Cissus quadrangularis enhanced the differentiation of marrow mesenchymal stem cells into ALP-positive osteoblasts and increased extracellular matrix calcification.

Human bone is composed of a mineralized organic matrix and bone cells. Osteoblasts are active mature bone cells that synthesize the organic matrix and regulate the mineralization process. Osteogenesis begins with osteoblast formation and secretion of type I collagen, which makes up about 90% of the organic bone matrix, or the osteoid.

Cissus Heals Bone Fractures
Cissus Heals Bone Fractures

The results clearly show that the Cissus Quadrangularis plant extract enhances the proliferation and differentiation ability of Mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts.

To read more about his study please visit this website

The Science of Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis is an ancient medicinal plant native to the hotter parts of Ceylon and India. Cissus Quadrangularis was prescribed in the ancient Ayurvedic texts as a general tonic and analgesic, with specific bone fracture healing properties. Modern research has shed light on Cissus’ ability to speed bone healing by showing it acts as a glucocorticoid antagonist (1,2).

Since anabolic/androgenic compounds are well known to act as antagonists to the glucocorticoid receptor as well as promote bone growth and fracture healing, it has been postulated that Cissus Quadrangularis possesses anabolic and/or androgenic properties (1,3). In addition to speeding the remodeling process of the healing bone, Cissus Quadrangularis also leads to a much faster increase in bone tensile strength.
10f04bIn clinical trials Cissus Quadrangularis has led to a fracture healing time on the order of 55 to 33 percent of that of controls. That cissus exerts antiglucocorticoid properties is suggested by a number of studies where bones were weakened by treatment with cortisol, and upon administration of Cissus Quadrangularis extract the cortisol induced weakening was halted, and the healing process begun.
While the increased rate of bone healing may be of great significance to persons suffering from chronic diseases like osteoporosis (4), the antiglucocorticoid properties of Cissus Quadrangularis are likely of much more interest to the average bodybuilder or athlete, since endogenous glucocorticoids, particularly cortisol, are not only catabolic to bone, but catabolize muscle tissue as well.

Numerous studies over the years have suggested that glucorticoids, including the body’s endogenous hormone cortisol activate pathways that degrade not only bone, but skeletal muscle tissue as well. A recently published report documented exactly how glucocorticoids (including cortisol) induce muscle breakdown: They activate the so-called ubiquitin-proteasome pathway of proteolysis (5). This pathway of tissue breakdown is important for removing damaged and non-functional proteins.

However, when it is overactive during periods of elevated cortisol (e.g disease states, stress, and over-training) excess amounts of normal tissue are broken down as well. By exerting an anabolic, antiglucorticoid effect Cissus Quadrangularis helps preserve muscle tissue during times of physical and emotional stress.

Although the bulk of the research on Cissus Quadrangularis centers around bone healing, the possibility exists that Cissus may act to improve bone healing it may improve the healing rate of connective tissue in general, including tendons. If this is the case it would be of great benefit to bodybuilders and athletes.

Besides the above-mentioned properties of Cissus Quadrangularis, the plant is also rich in the vitamins/antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene. As analyzed, Cissus quadrangularis contained ascorbic acid 479 mg, and carotene 267 units per 100g of freshly prepared paste in addition to calcium oxalate (6).

The typical recommended daily dosage of Cissus Quadrangularis is 1-2 grams to accelerate fracture healing. Safety studies in rats showed no toxic effects at dosages as high as 2000 mg/kg of body weight. So not only is Cissus efficacious, it is also quite safe, in either the dried powder form or the commercially available extract.

Cissus Quadrangularis also possess analgesic properties on a mg per mg basis comparable to aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Cissus quadrangularis, which has been proved to be highly effective in relieving pain, reduction of swelling and promoting the process of healing of the simple fractures as well as in curing the allied disorders associated with fractures (7). The mechanism through which Cissus Quadrangularis exerts its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties has not been well characterized. It may act centrally, but the anti-inflammatory features suggest that it acts by preventing the conversion of arachidonic acid to inflammatory prostaglandins. Real World Application for injuries.

Simply if you’re suffering from joint pain, ligament pain, cartilage pain, had surgery on bone, ligament or cartilage, Cissus is the supplement to use. It has been my experience that many athletes take anti-inflammatory medications to fight through the pain. Ultimately, these medications only kill the sensation of pain not the symptom. Cissus has the ability to kill the pain specific to the injury while promoting healing.

Some users will get instant relief and other will need to use Cissus for much longer period of time for complete healing of an injury. Leverage performance science is not claiming that Cissus will work 100% percent of the time that would be a foolish claim. We have estimated that 85% of user experience relief from our product. This number may lower or rise as more consumers send in reports. In the PHARMACEUTICAL industry a 50% success rate is good. Since we’re talking about the Pharmaceutical industry, they have yet to produce a product that helps the healing process. They just develop pain medications that are often addicting.

Amazing Discovery – Cissus Quadrangularis

Finally, you can gain the muscle you work so hard to develop…Injury Free!

An Amazing Discovery Gains You Massive Muscle Mass. 100% Natural. A SouthEast Asian Ancient Secret Revealed!

It works like magic but almost nobody knows about it.

You’ll ask yourself, how can something 100% natural be so powerful… and so secret –

That’s the way the bodybuilding companies like it.

Hi, Ken Here from Cissus Experts. I’d like to give you an overview of Cissus, an extremely popular new supplement in the Health and Fitness community.

  • Increase your overall strength of the body
  • Maintain Body Weight
  • Mend, Repair, and Protect your body from Injuries

How can one supplement do all that?

Cissus Quadrangularis was originally written about in a Yoga text Ayurveda. It’s in the grape family, and we all know how the anti-oxidents of wine have be shown to protect the body. Well, Cissus is in the same family as the wine grape.

It’s more powerful and potent than most anti-oxidents found.

So why is Cissus Quadrangularis so hidden from the mainstream market?

Cissus only grows in a few places in the world and it has been marketed for many different uses, but none as popular as the Weight Loss and Weight Lifting communities.

It is grown in SouthEast Asia and India and it is even rare to find throughout these areas.

How did I stumble upon Cissus Quadrangularis?

Cissus Quadrangularis in Thailand
Cissus in Thailand

While traveling through Southeast Asia, I ruptured my Achilles Tendon. Not a good injury to have while trekking around.


I started looking up muscle and ligament repair and found Cissus and saw that it can be found in SouthEast Asia, EXACTLY where I was!

I found out the local name for it and found a bottle of capsules that was being marketed for hemorrhoids.

Apparently the list of Cissus cures goes on and on…

The results were AMAZING!

My Achilles Tendon was healing in record time. My doctor told me I wouldn’t be walking on it for another 2 months. Well, in just 3 weeks I was putting pressure on it.

I hadn’t exercised for a couple months and, being an avid athlete, was feeling lathargic to say the least, but to my suprise I didn’t gain an ounce of fat and my muscle tone had actually improved!

To make a long story short I felt I owed it to this Miracle Herb to share it’s powers with the world. I instantly set up an office in SouthEast Asia began my plan of how to get the most potent Cissus Quadrangulris to the people who can benefit from it the most….and I’m not talking about Hemorrhoids.

My research found the best Cissus Extract on the market at very affordable prices.