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What Research Says about Cissus Quadrangularis for Joint Health

Cissus quadrangularis is a plant native to India and South East Asia that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Recently, research has been conducted to investigate the potential health benefits of this plant, particularly in terms of joint health. This article will explore the research that has been conducted to examine the efficacy of Cissus quadrangularis for joint health. It will discuss the potential benefits, the safety and side effects associated with its use, and how it is taken. Continue reading What Research Says about Cissus Quadrangularis for Joint Health

Cissus Quadrangularis Increases Bone Tensil Strength and Inhibits Cortisol

This excerpt was taken from a case study done with Cissus Quadrangularis.  One of the benefits of Cissus is its ability to inhibit the absorption of cortisol into our muscle tissue.  This is particularly advantageous for body builders or athletes who are trying to gain more muscle mass.  Cortisol also eventually becomes a toxin in our body, so the faster we can release this from the body, the more toxin free we will be. Continue reading Cissus Quadrangularis Increases Bone Tensil Strength and Inhibits Cortisol

Hepatoprotective Effect of Cissus quadrangularis Stem Extract Against Rifampicin-induced Hepatotoxicity

Hepatotoxicity (from hepatic toxicity) implies chemical-driven liver damage.  The liver plays a central role in transforming and clearing chemicals and is susceptible to the toxicity from these agents.  Many pharmaceutical medications can have harmful affects to your liver.  Cissus may be a great alternative to counter acting these affects.

The Study

This study was designed to investigate the hepatoprotective activity of methanol extract of Cissus quadrangularis against rifampicin-induced hepatotoxicity in rats.The coarse powder of the shade dried stem of Cissus quadrangularis was subjected to successive extraction in a Soxhlet apparatus using solvents petroleum ether (60-80°) and methanol. Liver damage was induced in Wistar rats by administering rifampicin (54 mg/kg, p.o.) once daily for 30 days. Methanol extract of Cissus quadrangularis (500 mg/kg, p.o) was administered 1 h prior to the administration of rifampicin (54 mg/kg, p.o.) once daily for 30 days. Silymarin (50 mg/kg p.o) used as reference drug. Elevated levels of aspartate transaminase, alanine transaminase, alkaline posphatase and bilirubin following rifampicin induction were significantly lowered due to pretreatment with methanol extract of Cissus quadrangularis.

Rifampicin administration significantly increased lipid peroxidation and decreased antioxidant activities like reduced glutathione, superoxide dismutas and catalase. Pretreatment of rats with methanol extract of Cissus quadrangularis significantly decreased lipid peroxidation and increased the antioxidant activities. Histology of the liver section of the animals treated with the methanol extract of Cissus quadrangularis further confirms the hepatoprotective activity. The results of the present study indicated the hepatoprotective effect of methanol extract of Cissus quadrangularis which might be ascribable to its antioxidant property due to the presence of β-carotene.

It is concluded from the above observations that the methanol extract of CQ has a hepatoprotective activity against rifampicin-induced liver injury. The mechanism of hepatoprotection may be attributed to its antioxidant activity; this in turn is related to the presence of β–carotene.



Note: Most studies done on Cissus, unfortunately used rats as a control where the rats are either put under stress, intoxicated, or sacrificed. The Cissus Experts do not support the harming of animals, but the studies done in India on Cissus have scientifically proven positive effects of cissus quadrangularis on humans and may be used to help humans prevent or fight diseases and injuries.

Cissus Quadrangularis Enhances Bone Marrow and Prevents Osteoporosis

Petroleum Ether Extract of Cissus Quadrangularis (Linn.) Enhances Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation and Facilitates Osteoblastogenesis
Source: Cissus Quadrangularis Full Case Study


To evaluate the effects of the petroleum ether extract of Cissus quadrangularis on the proliferation rate of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, the differentiation of marrow mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts (osteoblastogenesis) and extracellular matrix calcification. This study also aimed to determine the additive effect of osteogenic media and Cissus quadrangularis on proliferation, differentiation and calcification.


MSCs were cultured in media with or without Cissus quadrangularis for 4 weeks and were then stained for alkaline phosphatase. Extracellular matrix calcification was confirmed by Von Kossa staining. marrow mesenchymal stem cells cultures in control media and osteogenic media supplemented withCissus quadrangularis extract (100, 200, 300 μg/mL) were also subjected to a cell proliferation assay (MTT).

Cissus Quadrangularis Prevents Osteoporosis
Cissus Quadrangularis Prevents Osteoporosis

Treatment with 100, 200 or 300 μg/mL petroleum ether extract of Cissus quadrangularis enhanced the differentiation of marrow mesenchymal stem cells into ALP-positive osteoblasts and increased extracellular matrix calcification. Treatment with 300 μg/mL petroleum ether extract of Cissus quadrangularis also enhanced the proliferation rate of the marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Cells grown in osteogenic media containing Cissus quadrangularis exhibited higher proliferation, differentiation and calcification rates than did control cells.


The results suggest that Cissus quadrangularis stimulates osteoblastogenesis and can be used as preventive/ alternative natural medicine for bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

We sincerely thank Dr. Satyamoorthy, Director of Manipal Life Science Centre, Manipal, and Dr. Narga Nair, Head of Anatomy Department, KMC, Manipal, for their help and support. We thank Ms. Rekha Nayak for her technical help during this project.

We also thank the National Center for Biotechnology Information for making this information public

The effect of Cissus quadrangularis (CQR-300) and a Cissus formulation (CORE) on obesity and obesity-induced oxidative stress.


Laboratory of Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry, University of Yaoundé I, Yaoundé, Cameroon.



Obesity is generally linked to complications in lipid metabolism and oxidative stress. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of a proprietary extract of Cissus quadrangularis (CQR-300) to that of a proprietary formulation containing CQR-300 (CORE) on weight, blood lipids, and oxidative stress in overweight and obese people.


The first part of the study investigated the in vitro antioxidant properties of CQR-300 and CORE using 3 different methods, while the second part of the study was a double-blind placebo controlled design, involving initially 168 overweight and obese persons (38.7% males; 61.3% females; ages 19-54), of whom 153 completed the study. All participants received two daily doses of CQR-300, CORE, or placebo and were encouraged to maintain their normal levels of physical activity. Anthropometric measurements and blood sampling were done at the beginning and end of the study period.


CQR-300 as well as CORE exhibited antioxidant properties in vitro. They also acted as in vivo antioxidants, bringing about significant (p < 0.001) reductions in plasma TBARS and carbonyls. Both CQR-300 and CORE also brought about significant reductions in weight, body fat, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting blood glucose levels over the respective study periods. These changes were accompanied by a significant increase in HDL-cholesterol levels, plasma 5-HT, and creatinine.


CQR-300 (300 mg daily) and CORE (1028 mg daily) brought about significant reductions in weight and blood glucose levels, while decreasing serum lipids thus improving cardiovascular risk factors. The increase in plasma 5-HT and creatinine for both groups hypothesizes a mechanism of controlling appetite and promoting the increase of lean muscle mass by Cissus quadrangularis, thereby supporting the clinical data for weight loss and improving cardiovascular health.

Cissus Reduces Weight, Body Fat, & Total Cholesterol

Among the vast benefits of Cissus Quadrangularis, it has been clinically proven that cissus reduces weight, body fat, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting blood glucose levels over the respective study periods.

Obesity is generally linked to complications in lipid metabolism and oxidative stress.  The ability of our bodies to metabolize fats is determined by the homeostasis of all our bodily functions, starting at the celluar level.  When we have blocks in our systems, or parts of our systems are failing, our body tends to “protect” itself by storing fats.

What causes these blocks and bodily system failures?  Stress.

When our bodies are put under stress from an external stressful event, improper diet, or just a constant stressful lifestyle, our bodies go into protection mode.  To protect ourselves we produce higher than normal levels of cortisol which breaks down our immune system and causes our bodies to produce more glucose in our blood.  This creates a bodily environment where fat thrives.

Cissus Quadrangularis counteracts the negative effects of cortisol.  Cissus is an anti-oxidant which also prevents the absorption of cortisol in our muscle tissue.  By taking an anti-oxidant such as Cissus Quadrangularis, your body is able to reduce the amount of oxidative stress and create a homeostatic environment where you body is able to rid itself of toxins, rid itself of unwanted fats, and promote a healthy, balance bodily system.

 Am I Stressed?

Cissus reduces weight and stress
Are you stressed?

This is a difficult answer to determine for oneself.  We all like to think of ourselves as stress-free, but the truth is we ALL have stress at one time or another, it’s human nature.  When we hear a loud sound, or have a near car accident, or think about money, our bodies trigger off the natural hormones to combat the stress we are put through.

Our diet also puts our bodies through stress.  Many people do not eat a proper diet and are not providing their body with the vital vitamins and nutrients it needs to rid itself of toxins and perform properly. The incidence of obesity in adults as well as children is on an increase globally. Once considered a problem of developed countries, this global epidemic also affects developing countries. Coupled to this epidemic are obesity related complications such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, depression, and Type-2 diabetes, which are spreading rapidly across poor and middle-income countries, where infectious diseases and malnutrition have previously overshadowed such illnesses.

So what is Cissus and how can it help?

Cissus quadrangularis has been used by common folk in India for promoting the fracture healing process. It has been prescribed in Ayurveda as an alterative, anthelmintic, dyspeptic, digestive, tonic, analgesic in eye and ear diseases, and in the treatment of irregular menstruation and asthma. In Cameroon, the whole plant is used in oral re-hydration, while the leaf, stem, and root extracts of this plant are important in the management of various ailments.

Earlier works on Cissus quadrangularis report its effectiveness on the management of obesity and complications associated with metabolic syndrome, as well as its antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity. Various formulations now contain extracts of Cissus quadrangularis in combination with other compounds, used for the purpose of management of overweight and obesity, as well as complications resulting from these conditions, notably metabolic syndrome.

Study Proves Cissus Reduces Weight, Body Fat, & Total Cholesterol

A study done by BioMed Central called “The effect of Cissus quadrangularis (CQR-300) and a Cissus formulation (CORE) on obesity and obesity-induced oxidative stress” has concluded that CQR-300 (300 mg daily) and CORE (1028 mg daily) brought about significant reductions in weight and blood glucose levels, while decreasing serum lipids thus improving cardiovascular risk factors.

The study was double-blind placebo controlled, with the 168 overweight, obese, or normal weight participants of both sexes (between 19 and 50 years).

Amazingly, but not surprising to us, the study concluded that the CORE and CQR-300 (300 mg daily) brought about a significantly greater weight loss than placebo during the study period in obese individuals.  This was accompanied by a significant improvement in the lipid profiles, blood sugar profiles, and serotonin profiles of study participants.


Thus, CQR-300 as well as CORE possesses antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties that could have applications in metabolic as well as other physiological complications in which there is an increase in oxidative stress.

These new findings warrant further exploration into the active phytonutrients of Cissus quadrangularisand the potential of its newly discovered weight loss and cardiovascular health benefits.

Another great find by The Cissus Experts on yet another great benefit of Cissus Quadrangularis. We at The Cissus Experts are not just interested in a fast, gimmicky weight loss.  We are interested in health maintenance  which means maintaining a healthy weight.  When are bodies are in a homeostatic state, it will naturally set itself at a healthy weight for the amount of activity you do on a daily basis.  Cissus Quadrangularis also promotes lean muscle which may not show weight loss on a scale, but will show in how you look and feel.