USP Labs Super Cissus Review

Cissus Experts have taken the time to review the top Cissus Products on the market. We have compared most details from price per 100mg to additional ingredients. These are completely unbiased cissus product comparisons. Although the information was taken from the main website of each product, the prices and information may vary from product listings such as Amazon or other distributors.

Product Name: SuperCissus
Brand: USP Labs
Quantity: 150 Vegetarian 800mg Capsules
Suggested Serving: Take 2 capsules with breakfast and dinner.
Additional Ingredients: Gelatin, Corn Starch, Magnesium Stearate, Blue 1, Yellow 5, Titanium Dioxide Color

USPLabsSuperCissusThis cissus product looks great on the surface – 800mg capsules, 150 count, and a patented Cissus Extract, however we were really turned off by the additional ingredients.  We understand that these ingredients are just for the capsule and are probably very small amounts, but carcinogens such as blue 1 and yellow 5 should not be put anywhere near just an amazing, ayurvedic medicinal herb.  More care should be taken for the consumers health.  At The Cissus Experts we feel cissus should always be placed in a vegetarian capsule free of magnesium stearate, which actually inhibits the bodies uptake of nutrients.

It is not also stated when herbal supplements contain fillers, but the fact that this is an 800mg capsule and they don’t specify that there are not fillers, we are going to go ahead and assume that there are.  We have tasted many forms of pure cissus and cissus extracts, and this one has a funky color and taste compared to 100% pure cissus.

Maybe the most quantity for your buck (if you buy on Amazon), but definitely not the highest quality.  It seems that Cissus Quadrangularis took off in popularity with the body builders due to it’s cortisol inhibiting and tendon repairing capabilities, cissus is also great for older folks suffering from joint pain and to prevent osteoporosis.  We should be looking for a brand who cares about our core health, and not just getting “ripped”.

Overall, The Cissus Experts do not recommend SuperCissus from USPlabs.  We are not sure what “award” it has won, but until they remove the additional ingredients and go with a more ayurvedic approach we are suggesting to go another route.

Note: Cissus can be found in other supplements and can also be found in non-extract form. Cissus is an anti-oxidant and may be used to enhance a supplement. Only the extract can bring you the full benefits of the plant. Almost all studies found on Cissus use the Extract form.