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Cissus Pro 1000 Review

The Cissus Experts have taken the time to review the top Cissus Products on the market. We have compared most details from price per 100mg to additional ingredients. These are  completely unbiased cissus product comparisons. Although the information was taken from the main website of each product, the prices and information may vary from product listings such as Amazon or other distributors.

Product Name: Cissus Pro 1000
Brand: Keter Wellness
Quantity: 120 Vegetarian 500mg Capsules
Suggested Serving: 2 capsules twice daily 30 minutes before meals
Additional Ingredients: Capsule is derived from Rice, no other fillers/additives

Cissus Pro 1000 by Keter Wellness
Cissus Pro 1000 by Keter Wellness Get It on Amazon Now!

The Cissus Experts highly recommend CISSUS PRO 1000.  It contains only 100%, Pure Cissus Extract.  The Cissus Experts do not rate products very high if they contain other ingredients besides Cissus Extract and the capsule.  If a product contains other additives than we question the purity of the extract and we are not sure how many milligrams of actual Cissus Extract are in each capsule.

CISSUS PRO 1000 is the ONLY Cissus Extract to have a vegetarian capsule.  It is completely non-toxic and organically grown in Thailand.

Note: Cissus can be found in other supplements and can also be found in non-extract form. Cissus is an anti-oxidant and may be used to enhance a supplement. Only the extract can bring you the full benefits of the plant. Almost all studies found on Cissus use the Extract form.

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