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Cissus Dosage

One of the most important questions you may have about Cissus is…

“How much Cissus should I take? What is the correct Cissus Dosage”

Cissus is a completely safe, natural herb that has virtually no track record of causing bodily harm.  With that said, you will not overdose on cissus.

The recommended dosage may vary depending on what you are using Cissus for.  Cissus can be used for bodybuilding/muscle building, bone/tendon/muscle repair, overall fitness, weight loss, and other uses.

When taking a Cissus Extract such as Muscle Defense, we would recommend starting with 800mg – 1000mg per serving taken 2-3 times a day.  You may increase your dosage as you feel fit.  We feel anymore than 2000mg of cissus may be a waste as your body will most likely excrete most of the cissus it does not use.  Remember that cissus inhibits cortisol levels, but does not 100% stop cortisol, making it a safe, natural way to inhibit cortisol.

When taking cissus for an overall fitness or weight loss the dosage may be a little less.  You can keep it in the 600mg-1000mg range.  Again, depending on how your body is reacting you may increase the dosages.  Taking cissus 30 minutes prior to meals is the most effective way to dose.  Cissus may help control your appetite and controls the amount of sugars and fats your body produces and stores.

Cissus Dosage
A standard Cissus Dosage is about 1000 mg

In extreme cases, such as bone fractures or torn tendons, athletes may want to take heavy doses around the 2000mg level.  The most effective cissus extract products come in capsule form with anywhere from 500mg to 800mg of extract powder per capsule.  We would suggest taking 2-3 capsules per serving(or 4 in extreme cases).

Allow at least a week or 2 for the full effects of cissus quadrangularis to take.  You body will adjust to having this new herb affecting cortisol levels, and just like any other natural substance it may take some time for you body to adjust.  We suggest taking cissus for at least 2 months to allow cissus to completely heal any injuries.  For weight loss we suggest using lower doses of cissus over longer periods of time.

Whatever your reason for finding Cissus and using it as part of your daily regiment, just be confident you have found an amazing, natural herb that is completely safe.  If you do feel any adverse affects you may want to consult your physician to see if you are allergic to cissus.