What is Cissus

What is Cissus?

What is Cissus Quadrangularis and Why is it so Important?

Cissus is a medicinal herb that has been used for centuries, dating back to the early ayurveda texts.  Originally used as a bone mender, more recently cissus has been clinically proven to repair tendons and ligaments, relieve joint pain and inflammation, strengthen bones, promote weight loss, and prevent osteoporosis.



With today’s modern diet and our new age fitness habits our bodies are extremely prone to bone deterioration and/or ligament tears. ¬†Cissus Quadrangularis is an all natural, completely safe alternative to taking potentially toxic prescription drugs in order to counterbalance these affects.

Cissus has been shown in numerous clinical trials to assist with:

  • Lowering Cortisol Levels – which reduces stress (both emotional and physical), allowing our bodies to rid itself of toxins and strengthen faster.
  • Stimulates Osteoblasts – Osteoblasts are cells from which bone develops thus preventing osteoporosis.¬†Read More Here
  • Detoxifying our systems – Cissus is full of anti-oxidants and helps rid our bodies of cortisol, a natural toxin.
  • Promoting Weight Loss – When our bodies are detoxified, all systems work together to bring us to our healthy weight. Read More Here
  • Repairing torn ligaments and tendons – Cissus increases the production of Collagen which heals ligaments and tendons. Read More Here
  • And More! Read The Many Uses of Cissus

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