Cissus Testimonials

The following are real cissus testimonials given by customers of Cissus Pro 1000.  They can be viewed on the Amazon listing of Cissus Pro 1000: Click Here to See Reviews

The Cissus Experts used the reviews from Cissus Pro 1000 because we were granted permission from Keter Wellness to use these testimonials on our website.

Tore/Injured my left TFCC. Took Super Cissus first,worked ok. Then I took the precursor product of Cissus Pro,called Wolverine Cissus. It was amazing how fast it worked,faster than Super Cissus,with less of a dosing! Range of motion came back quickly and doing physio on my wrist was without pain at all! I stopped taking Wolverine Cissus once I was finished and the range of motion stayed and the pain didn’t really come back at all. I’m positive that Cissus Pro will work for ANYONE with joint problems and injuries,if it is ANYTHING like Wolverine Cissus. Plus,the price is phenomenal…they are pretty much one step away from giving all this stuff away.20 or 30 and some odd dollars for joint repair and recovery and pain suppression.GET IT.

The cissus was delivered on time, and I immediately put it to use. It works best in the morning and afternoon before meals. Usually I take two pills and within twenty minutes I feel an extra boost of energy. I’ll continue to use this product as a supplement.

Natural energy!Matthew Burrell

My friend who is a trained health consultant turned me on to Cissus and it is a game changer. I did my research and found the company Keter Wellness has a great, potent product and has a direst connection to the farms where Cissus is made. So I take cissus only in the morning and within a week noticed my muscles where more toned. I learned threw the website that Cissus removes Cortisol and let the body build muscle and burn fat easier… Im just happy it works. Ive been taking Cissus for 2 years and have tried all diffrent companies. I am sticking with CissusPro 1000. Try it, because it works.

I started taking these daily as a recommendation from a friend. Usually hesitant on taking anything like this i decided why not. I am very glad i did. I take 2 in the morning and feel great all day. Have noticed that my body seems to really like them also. The corporate stress i usually deal with does not seem to bother quite as much.

It really is a great product. If you have already definitely give it a try.

Great productMatt Gollick

There were a couple of issues that I was hoping this would help me with.

I have a tendency to get tendonitis or inflamed areas whenever I do a repetitive action. My latest problem is/was with my thumb. I have been taking this product only a little over a week and I can already feel a bit of a difference. Of course, the pain is not completely gone, but MUCH better.

Right now I am getting excited about this. As I am getting older it is harder for me to be as active as I would like. So far, this little supplement may be giving me something to turn that clock back a bit. WooHoo!

The second reason I gave this a try was to help me pack on more muscle with my workouts. Again, time will tell me more but so far I like what I feel and see. I’ll update in a while, but so far I highly recommend this.